2 weeks left

In two weeks, I will be graduating from OU and the following week, I will be heading to France to learn French in the Bordeaux region, the heart of winemaking country. While there I may even go to Spain.

University of Oklahoma in the NFL Draft

Well with the NFL draft over, my school, the University of Oklahoma Sooners, had the most successful draft in school history with 14 players being drafted. Also tied for NFL history as well. We had the most eligible picks and what is so cool, is that the for the Draft this year, OU came out […]

Latest technology news

Tech news from the wild side: TechTV is back on the air…sorta. Leo Laporte explains in his blog that the old gang is doing the show again, this time using the internet to broadcast the show. Grab the podcast and have a spin. Darth Vader, lord of the Sith, has a blog. It’s rather tongue […]

Review of Proyecto 4 Wine From Spain

Want to know how to pick out a bottle of wine.. go here. Proyecto 4 or Project 4 here in the United States, is a dark red wine from the Mediterranean Coast of Spain (Rioja region) using four distinct types of grapes. What is special about Proyecto 4 is the taste, as it blends well […]

TechTV is dead

I used to watch TechTV all the time during the summer and some of my favorite hosts of the The Screen Savers and Call for Help were Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Cat Schwartz, et al. have pretty much left. TechTv was bought by Comcast and since then, G4 and Comcast have destroyed the last bastion […]