Voters have spoken…

And I am going to Cognac / La Rochelle for the weekend of my birthday. What will I be doing there you ask? Why sampling cognac and touring an old shipyard that built schooners (fast, sleek sail boats) for over two centuries. I will post more information here as I finalize the plans. Update: Plans […]

3 weeks left

Well it is hard to believe that I have three weeks left in Bordeaux but time is coming to an end and I am glad. I miss home. I miss my friends and family. There is good news though. I have planned a trip, now all that is involved is to decide which place to […]

Boycott France? and a national day of celebrating music

Well, finally I’ve seen something that France has, that the US doesn’t. And thats a national day of celebration of all kinds of music. Over 50 kinds of music are being played throughout the city at various Places. I know certain people, like Bill O’Reilly, of Fox Nexs fame, says Americans should boycott French goods […]

Let the wine flow

Vinexpo is the current rage in Bordeaux. Thousands of wine distributors throughout the world have invaded the city and good luck trying to find a hotel for just a day here. The event lasts through the week and the next. Lots of famous people are here for the expo, including Jean Reno who owns a […]

Week 3 and 4 update

Well Friday, I went to Arcachon to Europe’s Largest sand dune and the Atlantic Ocean. The view was magnificant and I have plenty of pictures but due to the time constraints at the school, I am probably going to have to wait to upload the panoramic pictures. Our class also gains sized by two and […]

French parting shots

I watch the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament here in France this past week and I’ve decided to finally write about something that concerned me about the French media and how they portray the world. France2 ,which televised the games everyday, almost always took shots, sometimes very rude shots at the non French players. And sometimes, […]

A typical day

I’ve decided to post what my regular day is like here so here is the rundown: Wake up at 8am. Shower and eat breakfast. Leave for class at 9am. Take small break at 11am or so. Class resumes at 11:30am. Class ends at 1:00pm. Go to cafe for lunch. Head back to the school for […]

61 years to the day

Today marks the 61st anniversary of D-Day and being in France during the event, I looked to see how France would celebrate the occasion. Well in Normandy (Normandie here in France) is having a day long celebration and tribute to all soldiers. Most of the visitors are Americans there for the occasion. What is startingly […]

Deep Throat is no longer history!

Well, Deep Throat revealed himself and although I am posting this two hours after the revealing, all I have to say is “wow”. The man is known as W. Mark Felt, the number two agent at the FBI during the 1970’s, the man who brought down a president, and kept the world guessing for almost […]