Sony vs teh world

Well Sony has managed to do it again…They pissed off the world including me. For months, I was trying to figure out why my laptop computer was acting like Charles Manson in a mental hospital. After following the direction on locating the files, I found the Sony rootkit on my laptop. I have purchased a […]

Open Season

Hunters, get your guns. travel season is open! It’s the busiest travel time next to Christmas. Everyone travel safe during the holidays. In other news, attention shoppers, an Xbox sold on Ebay for $10,000 yesterday. ——————– This message was sent from a Sprint PCS Phone. Get a Sprint PCS Wireless Mail account! Sign up via […]

New announcements…

Recent developments in my life.. Work is going wonderfully for me… EDS is great and the environment is friendly and warm. My hours which some would deem nasty… I actually enjoy. Going to work at 6am is nice..hardly any traffic. And I’m home by 3pm most afternoons. I also had a profound awakening in my […]