Robotech goes mobile

Airborne Entertainment inks deal to bring famed anime series Robotech to mobile phones. Content will include personalized wallpaper, ringtones and ringback tones, with a mobile game just a few steps behind

20 years of Zelda

Ahh the good old days of gaming in the late 80’s.  Games like Super Mario Brothers, Spy Hunter, and of course, where would the original Nintendo be without “The Legend of Zelda” and its many sequels and continuations. 20 years ago today Japanese Nintendo gamers (a few months later, the game caused a similiar frenzy […]

Monty Python is back on PBS this Spring

Monty Python is back on PBS this Spring…yes you are reading this correctly.  From the website came this lovely tastey morsel of British  humor.  The only question that remains will Oklahoma ban MP because of its raunchy and grotesque humor just like Oklahoma did when the movie, “The Life of Brian” first premiered.  Just […]

Google Maps find interesting things

Someone tells Google to fsck off I’m always amazed at what Google Maps finds when the pictures are taken. Between London being terrorized by a WWII bomber to many other treasures, Google Maps finds it. Most of the time.

Matt gets tagged on V-Day

Well my thoughtful girlfriend, Harmony, decided to have some fun at my expense. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Needless to say I got lots of attention throughout the day. She even got my desk.

WordPress 2.0.1

Well if you came here from my old blog link update your bookmarks as the old site is gone along with the forums.  I’ve decided to move everything over to WP to streamline the work and maintainance since I don’t always have time to update the individual pages.

Mister decides to play dead

Well tonight I was spending time with a special someone and their cat, Mister, was most upset that I, the guest, did not pay any attention to him. Just how upset was he? He decided to play dead…so I present to the world, Mister playing dead kitty.