Kelvin Sampson leaves OU Basketball

Kelvin Sampson leaves OU Basketball but who will replace him? I’m currently watching the OU Press Conference and will announce here who the new coach will be. Update 15:44 CST – Joe Castiglione announced that they have started the searching process but no new coach has been named.  They will take their time searching for […]

Apple vs. France

I was on Google News and saw the following headline: Apple vs. France French lawmakers want all digital-music players to adopt common software standards. Is this Jobs & Co.’s cue to pack up its iPods and bid the country adieu? All I can say is what is France smoking? Why on earth would you want […]

Getting comfortable in my new home

So it’s been three weeks since I moved into my new place and I have to say I’m loving it. Sleeping in my nice big bed has its advantages. For one, I no longer have any back pain. Two, it’s actually mine as I paid for it with my own money. This weekend I am […]

The pics are up!

Okay the pics are up of my new stuff inside the place…mostly its my nice TV, my spiffy new dining room table, and my ohh so comfortable bed.  Click below to see more….

Sony vs teh world: part 2 From the EFF: It’s time for music fans who bought Sony BMG CDs loaded with harmful XCP or MediaMax copy protection to claim their settlement benefits: clean versions of the music, plus (in many cases) additional downloads and cash. Submitting a claim not only gets fans music that will play on their computers without […]

O’reilly has good points

Many times, I disagree with Bill O’Reilly on a few issues. While most of them are political in nature, there are many things that I do agree with him on. One of them is the safety of children. Bill has been rallying people to support stricter laws on sex offenders and the entire sex offender […]

Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease

Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease By Miranda Hitti Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease: Natural compounds from red wine and grape seeds could help curb gum disease, new research shows. Don’t raise your glass just yet. The study, presented in Orlando, Fla., at the 35th annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research, […]

My new place

I’ve moved into my new place, slowly but surely, I’ll be posting pictures on the place…once I have it organized and cleaned up.