O’reilly has good points

Many times, I disagree with Bill O’Reilly on a few issues. While most of them are political in nature, there are many things that I do agree with him on. One of them is the safety of children. Bill has been rallying people to support stricter laws on sex offenders and the entire sex offender registery, which in of itself, is an important safety tool for parents. So I applaud Bill for helping make our children safer. Bill has also work with Mike Huff from the Huffcrime blog, a blog about crimes, to give people a better understanding of crimes. I encourage everyone to pressure their state governments to pass stricter child molestation and predator laws. More specifically, internet solicitation laws. After watching the Dateline series, To Catch a Predator, you do suddenly realize that pedophiles have a new way of reaching our children. Bill has even said that he thinks the parent company of Fox news should be more accountable to parents and children since the company now owns myspace.com. He has called on his own employer to have stricter rules for users and better ways to protect any user of myspace. Bill, for once I salute you and applaud you for doing wonderful work in protecting America’s future, our kids.