Busy Week

This week has been killer! Everyone is in an uproar over the murder of a ten year old girl in Purcell and finally the attention has gotten the attention of the state legislature to finally fix our child predator laws. So everyone contact your state reps and hound them till the cows come home to […]

Happy Easter everyone!

Well it’s Easter time once again and while the easter bunny didn’t visit this year, we have a new permanent resident here. Harmony and I spent Easter dinner together with my folks and our good family friends, the Portmans. Needless to say with plenty of food to go around and lots of laughs, everyone had […]

Red White Game, here we come

Harmony and I are heading down to Norman this Saturday for the OU Red White game.  We’ll be taking pictures, watching the game, and cheering on the Sooner.  Not to mention, spending time with friends.

Good bye, Frankie

My good friend Terri called me today to let me know that Frankie, her lovable little cat died last night from Feline Leukemia. So here we will remember Frankie forever as the cute little kitten that would run up and down stairs and climb the walls in the apartment in Norman.