Trip to Dallas

Well we returned from Dallas and well rested. We both had lots of fun running around the West End, not to mention the shopping malls, I won’t tell you all what Harmony bought, but glad it didn’t involve my credit card. 😉 Love you dear! No really, she was good. Yes I did spoil her […]

Heading to Big D

For Memorial Day weekend, Harmony and I are taking our first vacation together and we are heading down to Dallas, TX.  We thought it would be a nice way to spend some time together and see Dallas.  We’re going to rest and relax, hit a few museums and a couple of malls, and then of […]

Dateline and

The past four weeks, Wednesday night hasn’t been the same since Dateline started airing back to back episodes of the “To Catch a Predator” Series. Dateline teamed up with and Local Law Enforcement just like they did for Dateline III back in December. Wave after wave of men came to homes where they thought […]

Support Masha’s Law

Please write, call, and email your senators and representatives to ask that they add their support as co-sponsors of these identical bills in the House and Senate.
LINK To find your Congressional representatives by name, state or zipcode.

S. 2155 and HR 4703 are companion bills. S. 2155 is the Senate bill and HR 4703. These bills are identical to each other and both need our support

EDS Byron Nelson Championship

EDS has numerous goodies up on the website, specifically about true “classic” gaming, the pinball machine.  EDS has made three of them, custom made.  Read about them here, EDS Pinball Machines.  They also have squirrell games.  I kid you not.  so how’s about those nuts?  Play the games here. Enjoy and remember, Sunday is Mother’s […]