Superman Returns, go see it!

Well Tuesday night at 10pm, I went to the theater to see the opening night of Superman Returns. And if the title doesn’t inspire you to go see it, well let me emphasize…GO SEE SUPERMAN RETURNS! While I won’t spoil the ending for anyone, I will say that Brian Singer and crew did a wonderful […]

Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66

Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66 Tulsa and Pixar’s latest film, “Cars”: Quote: In creating the new film, Pixar went to great pains to understand the history and texture of Route 66, beginning more than six years ago by enlisting Route 66’s best known expert, author Michael Wallis, whose “Route 66: The […]


Well for the first time in over 2 years, I am back at working nights.  Working the graveyard does have it’s advantages though.  It is quiet up at work, not a lot of calls, and lots of study time for the training that I have signed up for so I can keep my nice job.  […]

ESA gives notice

I received this email from the ESA this weekend: Oklahoma: Representative Fred Morgan introduced House Bill 3004, which passed in the State House and Senate, but not before Oklahoma VGVN members wrote their elected officials to express their discontent and opposition to the bill. Governor Brad Henry recently signed this bill into law, and it […]

Oklahoma, your one stop to the moon

Way to go Oklahoma! It’s always a good sign when you happen to land a space contract in your state and you already have a facility for use for any commercial space flight operations. Regulators OK Oklahoma spaceport The Federal Aviation Administration has given its OK for commercial launch operations at an Oklahoma spaceport potentially […]

Good news for parents: iPods more popular than beer – Yahoo! News

Afraid your kid will go off to college and consume large amounts of alcohol? Check out this report and survey at yahoo Survey: iPods more popular than beer – Yahoo! News ============================================================ Yahoo! News

ESA Files Suit Against Minnesota Law

I got this in my email box today…is Oklahoma next? Video Game Voters Network * * *VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SUES THE STATE OF MINNESOTA* *Industry Seeks to have Unconstitutional Video Game Law Overturned* Washington, D.C. (June 7, 2006) — The computer and video game industry filed suit yesterday in Minnesota Federal District Court, asking that […]