NCAA Football 2007 is here!

EA Sports, if it’s in the game, It’s in the game! I love college football.  Here comes the Sooner Schooner rolling over Mack Brown once again. By the way, the control scheme sucks.  EA, you had a perfect control scheme last year, why change it to something funky?

ESA officially sues Oklahoma

Oklahoma: On June 23, the ESA filed suit against House Bill 3004, which was signed into law by Governor Brad Henry and was set to go into effect on November 1, 2006. According to Doug Lowenstein, President of the ESA, “What [lawmakers] won’t tell voters: we just picked your pocket to the tune of a […]

July 7th

Today was not only my birthday but also a day of remembering the London bombings.  I remember that morning because early on I was going to make a surprise trip to London just to see the historic city but I had an exam that I couldn’t miss at the language school.  Probably a good thing […]