Intel shows off new ‘Tulsa’ Xeon

Intel and Tulsa, match made in heaven or is Intel trying to say that Tulsa is part of a dying bread, just like their old Netburst processors? Intel shows off new ‘Tulsa’ Xeon By Stephen Shankland Chipmaker demonstrates models of its upcoming high-end server processor at Linux show. Tulsa, a dual-core processor, is the last […]

Bumbling Bomar and the Future of OU

With OU being in the news again but not because we have a chance to win the National Championship game, but because of the bumbling bumblehead known as Rhett Bomar, all of the major sports newsites are saying that OU doesn’t have a chance anymore. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, rightfully so. But […]

Another 9/11

Did we foil another 9/11 plot? With all of the news that has been released since last week, you would think that people would realize that complain about delays, missing baggage, and violation of personal freedoms is rather mute, right? Frankly I am glad that liquids are no longer allowed on flights along with portable […]