The Living Daylights

I have a daytime schedule again and it’s Monday through Friday. W00t! Guess that means I should start heading to church more often…and probably also spending less time sleeping.

Photo site down for repairs

Photo site crashed during the weekend. Everything has been backed up. I am currently rebuilding it with a different tool. So if any pics disappear, no worries, they have been backed up. Hopefully the new photo site will integrate better with the blog than the one did.

Dateline: To Catch a Predator 6

Dateline and have teamed up again to bring us another installment of TCAP and this time, things truly get more bizarre than I’ve ever seen before. Just reading from the excerpts so far on the Dateline website and the video clips that they have posted, you can still see that predators hunting our children […]

Crikey! The Croc Hunter is dead

Steve Irwin, from Australia and creator of the “Crocodile Hunter” series, sadly passed away the other day.  He was killed by a stingray barb while filming a marine special in Australia. So let’s all say one last Crikey! for an old friend.