Twitter Updates for 2007-06-18

We made it home safely, now its time to watch the 4400 at 8pm and then go to bed. # Off to work! # Missed at work and I already have tons of work to prepare. # Phew! Rainy and hot day. Crazy day too at work. Lots of catch up work. # Powered by […]

Vacation over

We’re back from Destin, FL and we’re both tired.  We dropped off shrimp for her grandmother and dad for Father’s Day and gave my dad shrimp for Father’s Day as well.  We had a blast and we’ll be adding ton of pictures to the site and our Picassa site too. Well time to watch The […]

Heading to Destin

Harmony and I are heading to Destin, Florida to spend a week at the beach, get some need sun and relaxation, not to mention see Seaside. Don’t forget about shrimp dinners everynight!

63 years ago today, D-Day

63 years ago today, D-Day was launched as one of the largest battles during World War 2. Take a moment to give respect to those that fought and died on this day, 63 years ago.