Got Wii?

We finally got a Wii on Sunday.  I happened to be in Best Buy while waiting for my haircut appointment and they had 80 in stock.  So I picked one up and we’re been playing it every night. It’s definitely addictive to play, not to mention fun.

School Bans Games of Tag

A Colorado Springs school has banned everyone’s favorite game of Tag because some whining kids complained to the school that they were being chased against their will or harassed. If you don’t believe me, read the story here. Did I play tag in school? Sure did, hell most of the time I was almost always […]

Tulsa a sanctuary city no more

Well it wont be much longer. By September, TPD and TCS will have completed training by ICE and have set procedures on reporting illegal and criminal aliens to the government for deportation. Of course, the immigrant groups and bleeding heart liberals are going to try to fight this along with a law that Oklahoma passed […]

Sooner Football

Once again college football season is upon us and OU has a freshman quarterback starting the game against Univ. of North Texas. As always, Boomer Sooner and GO OU! See you at game time, 6pm CST on Fox Sports Network and Cox HD service.