Currently flying

Here is what I’m currently flying in the “Camping Catch” fleets:       [shipinfo]Caracal[/shipinfo] [shipinfo]Executioner[/shipinfo] x 2

Eve online and a little corporation

Last month, I assumed control of the corporation that I have been a member of since I started playing Eve Online.  I’ve Bern teasing the do’s and don’ts of running a corporation.  First thing was first, what were my corp assets.  The in game value is roughly 50 billion isk, which in us dollars is […]

Barresi out, Joy in

With Janet Castello Barresi now walking into the sunset and still trying to be a thorn in educators and the taxpayers’ eyes, Joy has already addressed many of the key issues that educators and parents care about. #oklaed is hoping that Joy can reverse many of the negative trends that were started by her predecessor […]