Humans in a zoo? Planet of the Apes Redux?

When they woke up, they found themselves as an exhibit at the zoo… was it a dream or was it Planet of the Apes?? Nope, it’s the London Zoo’s new exhibit on the human species and how it (we) have had a major impact on our world and the environment around us. Rather interesting story […]

Did Lance Armstrong dope the Tour?

A French cycling and sports magazine is saying that Lance used an EPO, a form of sports enhancers that are illegal, six times during the 1999 Tour de France. Well, I’m calling the French zine on their stink. They used test results from 1999 but not 2005?? That makes sense, right folks? Even a three […]

Got Google IM?

Do you want to use Google’s new IM service that is going to be announced tomorrow?? Or download Google’s own application here: Well there are the instructions everyone. Enjoy! Google IM You have to use an address to login from now on. Server: Username: youremail@ Password: yourpassword Note: If you can’t […]

Tulsa has been Slashdotted

Well for once, my home town has done something right. Being an avid reader of Slashdot, I always head there first when I log online, not any other news site. I’ll quote the write up and translate it for the non geeks. Weather Service Becoming More Tech Friendly United States The Internet Posted by ScuttleMonkey […]

Passing of a friend

Today, Peter Jennings died at the age of 67 of cancer. Fun Facts: He established the first American television news bureau in the Arab world in 1968 when he served as ABC News’ bureau chief for Beirut, Lebanon, a position he held for seven years. He was in Berlin in the 1960s when the Berlin […]

Military coup in Mauritania

Just over two hours ago, Mauritania had its government overthrown by the military there while the President was out of the country, attending the funeral of King Fahd of Saudia Arabia. Why am I blogging about this? Read on to find out why

Plan crash in Toronto

Today a plan crashed near Toronto. The plan was flying from France to Toronto when it crashed while landing, the initial response was that terrorists were involved, we now know that that is not the case. I ask everyone to pray or hold a moment of silent for the people that died in the crash. […]

After the break

Well I’m back home from France and have been home two weeks now. Some parts of my life have changed but the biggest change is that I have graduated college and there is no going back…except to take my language proficiency exam in the fall if I want extra proof that I truly do know […]

Back from Cognac

I went to Cognac this weekend and I will be doing a write up about it tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned to see about 40 pictures. Pictures can be found here, Link to Cognac. I’m bringing back Pineau, which is made from cognac and grape juice. yeah, sounds odd but very good. Here is the […]