ESA Files Suit Against Minnesota Law

I got this in my email box today…is Oklahoma next? Video Game Voters Network * * *VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SUES THE STATE OF MINNESOTA* *Industry Seeks to have Unconstitutional Video Game Law Overturned* Washington, D.C. (June 7, 2006) — The computer and video game industry filed suit yesterday in Minnesota Federal District Court, asking that […]

Trip to Dallas

Well we returned from Dallas and well rested. We both had lots of fun running around the West End, not to mention the shopping malls, I won’t tell you all what Harmony bought, but glad it didn’t involve my credit card. 😉 Love you dear! No really, she was good. Yes I did spoil her […]

Support Masha’s Law

Please write, call, and email your senators and representatives to ask that they add their support as co-sponsors of these identical bills in the House and Senate.
LINK To find your Congressional representatives by name, state or zipcode.

S. 2155 and HR 4703 are companion bills. S. 2155 is the Senate bill and HR 4703. These bills are identical to each other and both need our support

20 years of Zelda

Ahh the good old days of gaming in the late 80’s.  Games like Super Mario Brothers, Spy Hunter, and of course, where would the original Nintendo be without “The Legend of Zelda” and its many sequels and continuations. 20 years ago today Japanese Nintendo gamers (a few months later, the game caused a similiar frenzy […]

Apple iPhone? Ballmer wants to kill Google?

Apple announced today their iTunes compatible cell phone made by Motorola and the phone debuted this weekend. While reviews are mixed, sales on the phone taking off and the commercials are rocking. Market Watch Report Apple also announced the iPod nano, the smallest and thinnest iPod to date. The size of a business card and […]

Humans in a zoo? Planet of the Apes Redux?

When they woke up, they found themselves as an exhibit at the zoo… was it a dream or was it Planet of the Apes?? Nope, it’s the London Zoo’s new exhibit on the human species and how it (we) have had a major impact on our world and the environment around us. Rather interesting story […]

Back from Cognac

I went to Cognac this weekend and I will be doing a write up about it tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned to see about 40 pictures. Pictures can be found here, Link to Cognac. I’m bringing back Pineau, which is made from cognac and grape juice. yeah, sounds odd but very good. Here is the […]