The future of America

What is the one job that keeps on giving back to your community and your nation? Teaching. It’s a dream that I’ve had for a long time. Is this the job for me? That’s what I decide in the coming weeks.

Rolling into Grand Central

Yep, thats right. I got a Grand Central invite today and I now have a visual voice mail and online accessible voice mail. If you want an invite, you must link to my website and leave a comment.  I have 8 invites left.

Update on Harmony

Harmony is doing better today.  She is still sore and recovering at her Grandmother’s house. I think those that have sent well wishes.

Xmas eve fun

Well Harmony and I had a fun Christmas eve.  It was spent at the ER due to a major migraine/headache caused by a disk in her neck.  Course it was also fun because my grandmother was also at the ER for a bad cold.  Needless to say, it turned into the first family meeting between […]

48 seconds for history

48 seconds for OU to score in the Big 12 Championship game on opening drive. The touchdown was caused by a Nebraska fumble on their opening toss. ——————– Sprint PCS Mail

Let it snow let it snow

and a little ice doesn’t hurt either. Over 10 inches of snow and the Tulsa International Airport was covered. It took Harmony and I just under two hours to drive home in the snow and ice Thursday night from work. We were smart though. We took the main roads and after we got home, we […]

Bond is back

Bond, James Bond. We’ve all heard those words on the screen before, now hear them again, this weekend with “Casino Royale” starring Daniel Craig, a blond 007.  Opens Friday nation wide.