FBI + PJ = conviction

Dylan Thomas aka Jon Schillaci arrested on June 6th by the FBI in Mexico. PJ had worked with the FBI since January 2008 and with their information, he was arrested and sent back to New Hampshire to face charges from 1999. Congratulations to PJ and the FBI Agent in Charge. Read more from Wikisposure here. […]

Tulsa a sanctuary city no more

Well it wont be much longer. By September, TPD and TCS will have completed training by ICE and have set procedures on reporting illegal and criminal aliens to the government for deportation. Of course, the immigrant groups and bleeding heart liberals are going to try to fight this along with a law that Oklahoma passed […]

VT shooting and video game violence

Once again the anti-video game sheep like Dumb Video Game Laws Lawyer Jack Thompson, and Oprah’s favorite shrink, Dr. Phil, and others have started to blame video games for the massacre at VT, without looking at the facts.  Their over generalization and constant finger pointing at the video game industry is not going to solve […]

FBI invited to Second Life’s virtual casinos

From CNN.com, FBI investigators have visited Second Life’s Internet casinos at the invitation of the virtual world’s creator Linden Lab, but the U.S. government has not decided on the legality of virtual gambling. “We have invited the FBI several times to take a look around in Second Life and raise any concerns they would like, […]

Camelot to be destroyed

The famed Camelot Parkside Hotel, where the likes of Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, and many other famous visitors, once stayed is slated to be demolished in September. The current owners of the hotel, The Maharishi Ayur-Ved University, have let the once grand structure fall apart. Google Location of the Camelot Hotel The Camelot, is just […]

Another 9/11

Did we foil another 9/11 plot? With all of the news that has been released since last week, you would think that people would realize that complain about delays, missing baggage, and violation of personal freedoms is rather mute, right? Frankly I am glad that liquids are no longer allowed on flights along with portable […]

ESA officially sues Oklahoma

Oklahoma: On June 23, the ESA filed suit against House Bill 3004, which was signed into law by Governor Brad Henry and was set to go into effect on November 1, 2006. According to Doug Lowenstein, President of the ESA, “What [lawmakers] won’t tell voters: we just picked your pocket to the tune of a […]