SB 2100 will hurt public schools and our kids

Recently the state of Oklahoma passed a bill that allows for school boards to vote on de-regulation of the district.  The person that launched this bill is Jubar Shumate, a good friend of mine from my days at Housing at the University of Oklahoma.  Jabar was our advisor and mentor to several of us in […]

Sooner Football

Once again college football season is upon us and OU has a freshman quarterback starting the game against Univ. of North Texas. As always, Boomer Sooner and GO OU! See you at game time, 6pm CST on Fox Sports Network and Cox HD service.

OU vs Fexas

OU versus Fexas…or is that texas, or Texas? Yes it is Red River Rivalry and this year the Sooners have a greater chance of betting Texas since Texas is without Vince Young and the McCoy kid, while decent, has yet to see the dangers of the OU Defence. Texas sucks and GO OU! BOOMER SOONER!

Bumbling Bomar and the Future of OU

With OU being in the news again but not because we have a chance to win the National Championship game, but because of the bumbling bumblehead known as Rhett Bomar, all of the major sports newsites are saying that OU doesn’t have a chance anymore. Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, rightfully so. But […]

NCAA Football 2007 is here!

EA Sports, if it’s in the game, It’s in the game! I love college football.  Here comes the Sooner Schooner rolling over Mack Brown once again. By the way, the control scheme sucks.  EA, you had a perfect control scheme last year, why change it to something funky?

Red White Game, here we come

Harmony and I are heading down to Norman this Saturday for the OU Red White game.  We’ll be taking pictures, watching the game, and cheering on the Sooner.  Not to mention, spending time with friends.

Good bye, Frankie

My good friend Terri called me today to let me know that Frankie, her lovable little cat died last night from Feline Leukemia. So here we will remember Frankie forever as the cute little kitten that would run up and down stairs and climb the walls in the apartment in Norman.

Kelvin Sampson leaves OU Basketball

Kelvin Sampson leaves OU Basketball but who will replace him? I’m currently watching the OU Press Conference and will announce here who the new coach will be. Update 15:44 CST – Joe Castiglione announced that they have started the searching process but no new coach has been named.  They will take their time searching for […]

Former Director of CIA speaks at OU

On March 8th, 2005, I had the opportunity for the second time in my life to hear a former director of the CIA speak in front of me. The first was Robert Gates at my Eagle Scout banquet and this time, on this day, I had the chance to hear George Tenet speak.

2 weeks left

In two weeks, I will be graduating from OU and the following week, I will be heading to France to learn French in the Bordeaux region, the heart of winemaking country. While there I may even go to Spain.