Recovery and Reinvestment Plan? Try Porkus Maximus

Jamie Dupree has posted the entire stimulus bill here.  By the way, House Democrats in power are trying to push this thing through before giving the American people 48 hours to look over the bill.  So much for transparency in the Obama Administration.  What is even more sad is that Obama believes his own Koolaid […]

Fairness Doctrine: Return of Censorship

Representative Stabenow wants to end talk radio because her husband’s liberal talk network is such a miserable failure. What is even more funny is that she calls all conservatives hate mongers. Who’s next after conservative talk radio? Conservative bloggers? Conservative newspapers? I hear the Fairness Doctrine and I think of this: When the Nazis came […]

School Bans Games of Tag

A Colorado Springs school has banned everyone’s favorite game of Tag because some whining kids complained to the school that they were being chased against their will or harassed. If you don’t believe me, read the story here. Did I play tag in school? Sure did, hell most of the time I was almost always […]

Tulsa a sanctuary city no more

Well it wont be much longer. By September, TPD and TCS will have completed training by ICE and have set procedures on reporting illegal and criminal aliens to the government for deportation. Of course, the immigrant groups and bleeding heart liberals are going to try to fight this along with a law that Oklahoma passed […]

VT shooting and video game violence

Once again the anti-video game sheep like Dumb Video Game Laws Lawyer Jack Thompson, and Oprah’s favorite shrink, Dr. Phil, and others have started to blame video games for the massacre at VT, without looking at the facts.  Their over generalization and constant finger pointing at the video game industry is not going to solve […]

Oklahoma Legislature taking tech seriously

I know in the past I have railed my state’s legislature for failing to do proper research when it comes to bills involving technology.  (see: Oklahoma outlaws violent video games)  Well they finally decided to expand the Consumer Protection laws against automated dialing programs used by telemarketers and debt collection agencies.  The bill even goes […]

ESA Files Suit Against Minnesota Law

I got this in my email box today…is Oklahoma next? Video Game Voters Network * * *VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SUES THE STATE OF MINNESOTA* *Industry Seeks to have Unconstitutional Video Game Law Overturned* Washington, D.C. (June 7, 2006) — The computer and video game industry filed suit yesterday in Minnesota Federal District Court, asking that […]

ACLU has its priorities wrong

Once again the ACLU has shown that they do not care about victims of child abuse, of child molesters, and victims of pedophiles. Especially after they try to help serial convicted child molesters get easier access to children. Read the article here from CNN. The ACLU in Indiana is suing Indianapolis because they feel that […]