Poll: Clinton vs. Giuliani in 2008

So who would you vote for? Leave a comment on who you would vote for in 2008. I can guarantee that I would vote for Guiliani in 2008. Not only is he a respectful person but he doesn’t play the political game like other candidates. He has the respect of both sides, even Democrats. Hillary, […]

Did Lance Armstrong dope the Tour?

A French cycling and sports magazine is saying that Lance used an EPO, a form of sports enhancers that are illegal, six times during the 1999 Tour de France. Well, I’m calling the French zine on their stink. They used test results from 1999 but not 2005?? That makes sense, right folks? Even a three […]

Microsoft and Walmart, two evil empires

Read the story from Reuters here. My Reactions: Microsoft hired today an executive from Walmart. The position was for COO, which is normally hired from the inside. I dispise Microsoft because of their monopoly has crippled the software industry, namely in the operating system arena. They have prevented others from creating competition. They did the […]

French parting shots

I watch the Roland Garros Tennis Tournament here in France this past week and I’ve decided to finally write about something that concerned me about the French media and how they portray the world. France2 ,which televised the games everyday, almost always took shots, sometimes very rude shots at the non French players. And sometimes, […]

French Politics

And France says that the people of the US do not know how to vote properly… Having just witnessed history in France and Europe, I have to say that I am not shocked at all by the French people in their vote against the EU constitution. Athough I had hoped that they would vote yes […]