He’s back and he’s headed to the stars

Super Mario is back in Super Mario Galaxy and I picked up my copy today.  I had pre-ordered the game two months ago after we got the Wii.  So far just playing the first level and after an hour, I had to stop because I got dizzy spinning the worlds and rotating the screen.  Alll […]

Rolling into Grand Central

Yep, thats right. I got a Grand Central invite today and I now have a visual voice mail and online accessible voice mail. If you want an invite, you must link to my website and leave a comment.  I have 8 invites left.

FBI invited to Second Life’s virtual casinos

From CNN.com, FBI investigators have visited Second Life’s Internet casinos at the invitation of the virtual world’s creator Linden Lab, but the U.S. government has not decided on the legality of virtual gambling. “We have invited the FBI several times to take a look around in Second Life and raise any concerns they would like, […]

Rumor: Google is coming to Oklahoma

Hot news from today’s Tulsa World! Google is looking to come to Pryor, Oklahoma, to use the MidAmerica facilities to use.  The Greater River & Dam Authority (GRDA) is reporting that a customer in November requested electrical use upto 15 MegaWatts.  If someone was having a datacenter built, that would explain all of the power […]

Google Apps running on mattluria.com

Yes folks, you are reading this right.  I have moved portions of the website to Google Hosted Applications.  Everything from email, to word processing, calendar, and secure login to certain pages have been converted. My webhost is wonderful and he helped me with the transition. I think Google could have a real Microsoft killer by […]

A mac in the family

Well my parents finally got a new computer this weekend and it’s a new iMac.  I think they will like it for the ease of use and being able to create DVDs easily with the pictures from their trip across Europe. Congrats Mom and Dad for taking the big step in computer freedom and ease […]

NCAA Football 2007 is here!

EA Sports, if it’s in the game, It’s in the game! I love college football.  Here comes the Sooner Schooner rolling over Mack Brown once again. By the way, the control scheme sucks.  EA, you had a perfect control scheme last year, why change it to something funky?