Oklahoma heat and the NBA

Well its over 100 in Oklahoma again. On the plus side, wer’re getting a basketball team. Maybe we should call it the Oklahoma heatwave!

Funding the future of Oklahoma

I’m a teacher and a Republican.  I’m also fiscally conservative when it comes to the government waste that is very prevalent here in Oklahoma.  But due to overspending in certain departments, certain people think it would be wise to use bond money that comes out of the same account for education expenses, to fund our […]

Leaving EDS for new horizons

I have accepted a job that will allow me to better use my skills and abilities on a daily basis as well as grow with the company.  I will be leaving many friends on May 25th.

Camelot to be destroyed

The famed Camelot Parkside Hotel, where the likes of Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, and many other famous visitors, once stayed is slated to be demolished in September. The current owners of the hotel, The Maharishi Ayur-Ved University, have let the once grand structure fall apart. Google Location of the Camelot Hotel The Camelot, is just […]

Rumor: Google is coming to Oklahoma

Hot news from today’s Tulsa World! Google is looking to come to Pryor, Oklahoma, to use the MidAmerica facilities to use.  The Greater River & Dam Authority (GRDA) is reporting that a customer in November requested electrical use upto 15 MegaWatts.  If someone was having a datacenter built, that would explain all of the power […]

Let it snow let it snow

and a little ice doesn’t hurt either. Over 10 inches of snow and the Tulsa International Airport was covered. It took Harmony and I just under two hours to drive home in the snow and ice Thursday night from work. We were smart though. We took the main roads and after we got home, we […]

Intel shows off new ‘Tulsa’ Xeon

Intel and Tulsa, match made in heaven or is Intel trying to say that Tulsa is part of a dying bread, just like their old Netburst processors? Intel shows off new ‘Tulsa’ Xeon By Stephen Shankland Chipmaker demonstrates models of its upcoming high-end server processor at Linux show. Tulsa, a dual-core processor, is the last […]

Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66

Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66 http://movies.monstersandcritics.com/news/article_1172175.php Tulsa and Pixar’s latest film, “Cars”: Quote: In creating the new film, Pixar went to great pains to understand the history and texture of Route 66, beginning more than six years ago by enlisting Route 66’s best known expert, author Michael Wallis, whose “Route 66: The […]


Well for the first time in over 2 years, I am back at working nights.  Working the graveyard does have it’s advantages though.  It is quiet up at work, not a lot of calls, and lots of study time for the training that I have signed up for so I can keep my nice job.  […]