ESA gives notice

I received this email from the ESA this weekend: Oklahoma: Representative Fred Morgan introduced House Bill 3004, which passed in the State House and Senate, but not before Oklahoma VGVN members wrote their elected officials to express their discontent and opposition to the bill. Governor Brad Henry recently signed this bill into law, and it […]

EDS Byron Nelson Championship

EDS has numerous goodies up on the website, specifically about true “classic” gaming, the pinball machine.  EDS has made three of them, custom made.  Read about them here, EDS Pinball Machines.  They also have squirrell games.  I kid you not.  so how’s about those nuts?  Play the games here. Enjoy and remember, Sunday is Mother’s […]

Happy Easter everyone!

Well it’s Easter time once again and while the easter bunny didn’t visit this year, we have a new permanent resident here. Harmony and I spent Easter dinner together with my folks and our good family friends, the Portmans. Needless to say with plenty of food to go around and lots of laughs, everyone had […]

Good bye, Frankie

My good friend Terri called me today to let me know that Frankie, her lovable little cat died last night from Feline Leukemia. So here we will remember Frankie forever as the cute little kitten that would run up and down stairs and climb the walls in the apartment in Norman.

The pics are up!

Okay the pics are up of my new stuff inside the place…mostly its my nice TV, my spiffy new dining room table, and my ohh so comfortable bed.  Click below to see more….

Vote for Enhanced 911 service

Tulsa, please vote yes on this! It will save our lives. Enhanced 911 service depends on Dec. 13 vote By Greg Elwell The Oklahoman “I need the police here at my house right now,” the cell phone caller pleaded as she talked to Midwest City’s 911 dispatch center. Dispatcher Becky Brus said she asked the […]

New announcements…

Recent developments in my life.. Work is going wonderfully for me… EDS is great and the environment is friendly and warm. My hours which some would deem nasty… I actually enjoy. Going to work at 6am is nice..hardly any traffic. And I’m home by 3pm most afternoons. I also had a profound awakening in my […]

Tulsa has been Slashdotted

Well for once, my home town has done something right. Being an avid reader of Slashdot, I always head there first when I log online, not any other news site. I’ll quote the write up and translate it for the non geeks. Weather Service Becoming More Tech Friendly United States The Internet Posted by ScuttleMonkey […]