New friends and new enemies

So BDOC has joined a new alliance called Mad Associates in the past two weeks.  We’ve been evacuating all of our corp assets from Providence.  This has lead to some rather hair raising moves of high value items.  Hopefully, we can get it all done soon and the corp can focus on growth.

Currently flying

Here is what I’m currently flying in the “Camping Catch” fleets:       [shipinfo]Caracal[/shipinfo] [shipinfo]Executioner[/shipinfo] x 2

Eve online and a little corporation

Last month, I assumed control of the corporation that I have been a member of since I started playing Eve Online.  I’ve Bern teasing the do’s and don’ts of running a corporation.  First thing was first, what were my corp assets.  The in game value is roughly 50 billion isk, which in us dollars is […]

Barresi out, Joy in

With Janet Castello Barresi now walking into the sunset and still trying to be a thorn in educators and the taxpayers’ eyes, Joy has already addressed many of the key issues that educators and parents care about. #oklaed is hoping that Joy can reverse many of the negative trends that were started by her predecessor […]

Winter Break and Wedding to do’s

So winter break has finally hit, thank the heavens. I finished my grades on Friday so this year I can actually enjoy my winter break for once instead of entering grades every day. Now Sam and I are working on wedding stuff and christmas shopping to boot. Where has this year gone? Seriously!

Still here and kickin’

I’m still around and posting, just mostly on my FB account and Twitter. For those who don’t know, I’m engaged to Sam Portman and right now, we are planning our wedding. I’ll post more about our wedding adventures here.