Still here and kickin’

I’m still around and posting, just mostly on my FB account and Twitter. For those who don’t know, I’m engaged to Sam Portman and right now, we are planning our wedding. I’ll post more about our wedding adventures here.

Republican who votes democratic

Many of my friends and my girlfriend know that I am a Republican and not a Democrat.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve always been a Republican either nor just a Democrat.  I change sides depending on the issues at hand. So when I vote, I make sure I read all of the issues on the […]


Today I got the best news since Harmony said yes to my proposal a year ago. I have passed my Spanish certification test and will soon be classified as a teacher.


Click aqui para ver el video de Monteserrat Aqui es el video de Monteserrat.  La musica es una de las primeras canciones se llama Mariam matrem virginem.  No hay un voz se habla en este video porque las fotos explica mas de palabras.  Yo pondre el voz mas tarde cuando yo tenga un voz.