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  • OS Mavericks for free!

    Yep, Apple has released its latest OS for free. Go get it from the App Store today.

  • Still here and kickin’

    I’m still around and posting, just mostly on my FB account and Twitter. For those who don’t know, I’m engaged to Sam Portman and right now, we are planning our wedding. I’ll post more about our wedding adventures here.

  • Republican who votes democratic

    Many of my friends and my girlfriend know that I am a Republican and not a Democrat.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve always been a Republican either nor just a Democrat.  I change sides depending on the issues at hand. So when I vote, I make sure I read all of the issues on the […]

  • Certified!

    Today I got the best news since Harmony said yes to my proposal a year ago. I have passed my Spanish certification test and will soon be classified as a teacher.

  • Friendly reminder to all WP users

    Just passing on advice to all users to update their software. I recommend the WP AutoUpgrade plugin to upgrade your site for you.

  • Monteserrat

    Click aqui para ver el video de Monteserrat Aqui es el video de Monteserrat.  La musica es una de las primeras canciones se llama Mariam matrem virginem.  No hay un voz se habla en este video porque las fotos explica mas de palabras.  Yo pondre el voz mas tarde cuando yo tenga un voz.

  • Fotos de Sagrada Familia

    Click to Play Es un coleccion de mis fotos de Sagrada Familia. Una explicacion se venga en el futuro.

  • Por que Montejuic es important a Barcelona?

    Click to Play Why is Montejuic importante to Barcelona? Listen to the guide explain in Spanish and some english about it’s history.

  • Observaciones de una discoteca

    En viernes, yo fui a la discoteca de Mojito con mis amigos de clase.  Los club abrieron sus puertos a la media de la noche o a las once de la noche.  Si ustedes habian querido a entrar el club, hay dos caminos para entra sin pagando.  El primero se obtienen unos billetes de la […]

  • Iran and the events

    Well needless to say the events in Iran have taken a turn for the worse.  I have taken the time to have a proxy set up on my website for Iranians who want freedom.  I have worked with several in creating a hard data pipeline for those in Iran to be able to get their […]