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  • 2 years and an epic journey

    The the last time I updated this I started a Potenza Calcio save in FM20. I meant to document everything and I had in a word document. Then Covid happened. I spent March 2020 through the summer teaching from my computer at home. Then I had the awesome opportunity to move up in education and […]

  • Potenza Calcio Journey

    So for the past few weeks, I’ve been playing on my FM20 game as Potenza Calcio. There are two reasons I picked this team, with the first I wanted to coach a team where my family’s ancestors had traveled. The Luria/Lurie/Lluria family traveled from southern Spain after 1492 to Italy and settled in the Potenza […]

  • Fluffy Bunnies and twins

    So much has changed since I last posted on here. My wife and I were blessed with twins in May 2018. I also left Odin’s Call/Out of Focus for some old friends in Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers. We’ve gone from Null Sec to Wormhole space back to null sec. I probably won’t post much about […]

  • Did I lose something?

    I think I did. I’ve been so busy this last year teaching that I forgot about my website. Received a call from GoDaddy that my personal site had been hacked and they wanted to know if they could take it down. I said no, but can you fix it. They did so its back up […]

  • New Years

    Wishing everyone a happy New year’s both in real life and in YC118 in Eve online.

  • A tale of two corpses or is it corps?

    So at the beginning of summer, I took over my previous corp from the previous owner. Then I got a second job a while back and that has made my time to enjoy running my corp, very hard. I do not have the time to dedicate 6-8 hours a day running a corp in game […]

  • Barresi out, Joy in

    With Janet Castello Barresi now walking into the sunset and still trying to be a thorn in educators and the taxpayers’ eyes, Joy has already addressed many of the key issues that educators and parents care about. #oklaed is hoping that Joy can reverse many of the negative trends that were started by her predecessor […]

  • Wedding done and over, so is the honeymoon…. now for school

    The wedding was a big success and so was the honeymoon. Many thanks to our friends and family who helped make the day extra special.

  • There months to go

    And the honeymoon is booked.

  • Six months to go

    Six months to the big day.