Author: Matt Luria

  • 2 years and an epic journey

    The the last time I updated this I started a Potenza Calcio save in FM20. I meant to document everything and I had in a word document. Then Covid happened. I spent March 2020 through the summer teaching from my computer at home. Then I had the awesome opportunity to move up in education and […]

  • Potenza Calcio Journey

    So for the past few weeks, I’ve been playing on my FM20 game as Potenza Calcio. There are two reasons I picked this team, with the first I wanted to coach a team where my family’s ancestors had traveled. The Luria/Lurie/Lluria family traveled from southern Spain after 1492 to Italy and settled in the Potenza […]

  • Fluffy Bunnies and twins

    So much has changed since I last posted on here. My wife and I were blessed with twins in May 2018. I also left Odin’s Call/Out of Focus for some old friends in Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers. We’ve gone from Null Sec to Wormhole space back to null sec. I probably won’t post much about […]

  • Vikings and thunder

    So after the new year, I closed up Holey Angels and moved into a group called Odin’s Call, well specifically, Out of Focus. The leader, King Creator, is a crazy Brits with some wild turkeys. I’ve spent the past two months learning how to live in a C5 and C5 >C1 in terms of income […]

  • Holey Angels – Up till now

    Eve Online, the final cry-tier. These are the voyages and mis-adventures of a crazy crew living in a C1 wormhole with black hole effects. These are their stories….dreams, and your nightmares.

  • Did I lose something?

    I think I did. I’ve been so busy this last year teaching that I forgot about my website. Received a call from GoDaddy that my personal site had been hacked and they wanted to know if they could take it down. I said no, but can you fix it. They did so its back up […]

  • Do you like Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers?

    Do you like Pink Fluffy Bunny Slippers that have you going squee all day long? Are your feet sore after a long day piloting your exhumer in high sec? Do you have 10 million skill points and no idea what to do next? Do you mine all day and bored? Do you long for contact […]

  • New Years

    Wishing everyone a happy New year’s both in real life and in YC118 in Eve online.

  • A tale of two corpses or is it corps?

    So at the beginning of summer, I took over my previous corp from the previous owner. Then I got a second job a while back and that has made my time to enjoy running my corp, very hard. I do not have the time to dedicate 6-8 hours a day running a corp in game […]

  • Game changes and Two inches of brain matter

    As CEO of my corporation in EVE, I’ve had some interesting battles in game. Either wars against the alliance or high sec war deccers, war is a central part of the game. Well recently Mad Associates moved into a little area of Scalding Pass. We have good relations with a few of the corps and […]