Vikings and thunder

So after the new year, I closed up Holey Angels and moved into a group called Odin’s Call, well specifically, Out of Focus. The leader, King Creator, is a crazy Brits with some wild turkeys. I’ve spent the past two months learning how to live in a C5 and C5 >C1 in terms of income and risks. And by risks, I mean, the damage and difficulty of the sites. Even the ore site rats sting and need a marauder or two tengus to take out. In the span of a week, I lost 2.2 billion isk. King finally told me to sit down and learn and study my environment.

Since he’s told me that, I stop trying to do things alone when it comes to making income other than PI, which I give back to the corp.

But what I have learned in terms of combat and fun, well that just takes the cake.  Since I have joined this crazy viking crew, I’ve been on kills of capitals in WHs, in null sec, roams to do combat in various low secs, gank fleets in other wormholes, and my favorite… ransoms.  And I’ve been on a few astrahus kills as well.  I enjoy flying with these guys and we do have a few videos of the fights we’ve been in and won and lost.

I’m glad I am having fun playing the game and not managing a corp and trying something new.


Oh hey, if you have not played Eve Online, you totally should right now.  It’s free to play and well worth it.  It’s more than just spreadsheets in space but having elite Excel skills come in handy.

Matt Luria