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  • 2 years and an epic journey

    The the last time I updated this I started a Potenza Calcio save in FM20. I meant to document everything and I had in a word document. Then Covid happened. I spent March 2020 through the summer teaching from my computer at home. Then I had the awesome opportunity to move up in education and […]

  • Certified!

    Today I got the best news since Harmony said yes to my proposal a year ago. I have passed my Spanish certification test and will soon be classified as a teacher.

  • Teacher for McCain

    As a teacher and teacher candidate, I have heard the call from John McCain and I support him.  He will fix our broken system of Public Education and increase teacher pay and reward those who come from other industries to teach our youth. He will cut out the bureaucrats and put the control of the […]

  • SB 2100 will hurt public schools and our kids

    Recently the state of Oklahoma passed a bill that allows for school boards to vote on de-regulation of the district.  The person that launched this bill is Jubar Shumate, a good friend of mine from my days at Housing at the University of Oklahoma.  Jabar was our advisor and mentor to several of us in […]