Holey Angels – Up till now

Eve Online, the final cry-tier. These are the voyages and mis-adventures of a crazy crew living in a C1 wormhole with black hole effects. These are their stories….dreams, and your nightmares.

So since June, I left PFBS and decided to go back to living in the god forsaken space that is wormhole life. I started a corp for a former student from my online teaching job and he wanted me to help him run it. He was in the corp for a month before he decided the game wasn’t for him. So I decided to bring in some friends I had in Eve, who I had not pissed off in-game and what not. We spent a month looking for a home. We found one that looked good, or so we thought. It was a bad idea. A c3 with 3 people, 2 of whom have very busy personal lives that can lead to death in a WH. So we kept on looking or is it lurking by this point. Finally, one of the scouts found us a C1. This C1 held promise. No activity since March, structures abandoned, miserable planetary infrastructure, oh and it was a black hole.

So we tested the hole out with our scouts, living in cans and transports that cloaked up. The hole was perfect. Size limited to medium-sized ships meant sieges would be hard to come by. The system layout was big enough that everything fit in scan range. Awesome, so long as someone was spamming the scan button, no chances for surprise attacks. Oops!

The states of our home hole are as follows: Medium size entry only, bonuses to frigates, drones, and missiles. Slight bonus to shields.

Made a few mistakes moving stuff into the home hole. Namely using a lowly t1 hauler to try to bring in the player station. Bad move. 2 billion loss there. Took out a loan from Angel Project to start everything up and do it right.

We spent most of the summer perfecting our skills and learning from our mistakes. We lost a couple of vexors, a drake, and small ships. So we laid low for a bit. That was a good idea. Until now.

We’ve slowly been having adventurers in our hole recently. Mostly players who are new to Eve travel to our secret hole. And we’ve been sending them home either pod express or forcing them to self destruct. See, this is what happens when you trespass into someone’s hole without their permission and start mining their sites.

We did smack a miner who brought his multi box toons in to mine in our hole. 4-5 exhumers.  We blew up his hauler with a bomb.  We literally dropped the bomb on him.

So where do we go from here?  Well, we have an adventure idea and we’re going to carry it forward.

Matt Luria