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  • Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease

    Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease By Miranda Hitti Red Wine May Fight Gum Disease: Natural compounds from red wine and grape seeds could help curb gum disease, new research shows. Don’t raise your glass just yet. The study, presented in Orlando, Fla., at the 35th annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research, […]

  • Let the wine flow

    Vinexpo is the current rage in Bordeaux. Thousands of wine distributors throughout the world have invaded the city and good luck trying to find a hotel for just a day here. The event lasts through the week and the next. Lots of famous people are here for the expo, including Jean Reno who owns a […]

  • Review of Proyecto 4 Wine From Spain

    Want to know how to pick out a bottle of wine.. go here. Proyecto 4 or Project 4 here in the United States, is a dark red wine from the Mediterranean Coast of Spain (Rioja region) using four distinct types of grapes. What is special about Proyecto 4 is the taste, as it blends well […]