Review of Proyecto 4 Wine From Spain

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Proyecto 4 or Project 4 here in the United States, is a dark red wine from the Mediterranean Coast of Spain (Rioja region) using four distinct types of grapes. What is special about Proyecto 4 is the taste, as it blends well with any dinner with its strong quick bite but subtle tang to the palette. But the surprise isn’t the taste itself but the mixture of the grapes to give the wine character. Each bottle will have a slightly different taste and flavor than the next, giving the wine a distinct appeal with those with different styles. The wine has a pleasant sweet taste to it once your taste buds have accustomed themselves to the spicy nature of the wine. The wine is however high in sulphates giving it a dark, chewy taste on the first sip. When we say chewy, the wine may feel a bit rough, like very fine sawdust, on the first sip and in my opinion is what gives this wine a good flavor and durability. The price of this wine is about the $11 mark which is generally a good buy range for college students or those on a tight budget and the availability of the wine is now common enough here so special ordering is not needed. As for the tang, if you keep the bottle in a lightly warm room, around 70 to 75 degrees, the tang and taste of the wine will stay longer even after you’ve opened it. Once the bottle has been opened, the wine will last a day or two with the same characteristics before they will start to fade. However, if the room temperature is cooler than 70, the wine will lose its flavor faster and it is due to oxidization of the wine.

Price = 5/5
Pro: Easy on the college student budget and well worth the price.
Con: None this time. The quality exceeds the price on this buy.

Taste = 3/5
Pro: Spicy with the phosphates but a nice tang after the first sip.
Con: Heavy sulphates may be a detractor to some buyers.

Flavor = 4/5
Pro: Nice plentiful flavors makes this wine go exceptionally well with steaks and pasta.
Con: The fluctuations in flavors in the bottles can cause difficulty in repeated flavors.

Color Appeal = 4/5
Pro: Dark red with a splash of black tint gives the wine mystery to its true flavor and taste.
Con: Guaranteed to damage anything white or light colored if spilled.

Overall Rating = 8/10

Why: Always a surprise with a blind taste test and the variations will leave you guessing from one bottle to the next.

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Matt Luria