Finals Week

Well finals are here finally. Sorry for the bad pun but it’s sad for me to say that I only have one more semester left as a college student. Not sure what to think. Sometimes I wonder where I will go when I graduate. All I know is that I want to be away from Oklahoma. Not my family, my parents, but the idiocy of the state. This place is still as backwards as it was when I was growing up, if not more so. I hope that after the spring semester and my summer in France, I will be able to find a job that I truly enjoy. Final exams are the one thing that I detest about college. They don’t do much except cause students to burn out from a week of late night studying, lack of sleep, and exams that don’t cover the materials.

Well what have I gotten out of my education thus far?

Tons of life experiences before my time. I learned how to be a good manager the old fashion way, by trial and error. I didn’t learn how to be a manager through some book that expouses only theories. I’ve solidified my knowledge of Spanish and am now learning French even though I have problems with French due to Spanish having a strong hold in my mind. It’s tough translating from Spanish to English to French as I have grown to the point where I mostly think in Spanish. Definitely makes group studying difficult when most of your notes in an english based class, are all in Spanish. I’ve made connections with other college students nationwide thanks to NACURH, the National Affilation of College and University Residence Halls.

Matt Luria