Author: Matt Luria

  • Twitter Updates for 2007-07-15

    Starting a new alliance with some old friends on We should make everything available in the coming days. # Who knew that starting an alliance took so much time to coordinate stuff and finalize a charter and rules. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • Geeks at Thanksgiving

    Geeks at Thanksgiving

  • New announcements…

    Recent developments in my life.. Work is going wonderfully for me… EDS is great and the environment is friendly and warm. My hours which some would deem nasty… I actually enjoy. Going to work at 6am is nice..hardly any traffic. And I’m home by 3pm most afternoons. I also had a profound awakening in my […]

  • A blonde Bond moment and Desperate Housewives to go

    We have a new James Bond and he’s blonde. Read this article here, to read about the new James Bond. Daniel Craig, 37, is the first blond actor to play agent 007. Relatively unknown outside Britain, he has had a busy career that includes roles in the landmark 1990s British TV drama “Our Friends in […]

  • Found but never lost

    This weekend, a long lost friend that I had not seen in close to 5 years found me once again. Sunday we hung out in the afternoon and walked our dogs, respectively. We went to the mall and I provided a “male” on her selections…afterwards, we went to my church which she enjoyed. She loved […]

  • Madaam President

    ABC, on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST/8PM CST, will have a new series about a woman as President of the USA. So I’m encouraging everyone to watch “Commander in Chief” on ABC on Tuesday nights and help this show take off from the White House front lawn.

  • Coming soon

    Coming soon to my blog, my guide to Bordeaux France, a couple of wine reviews, my first month at my new job, and a few ramblings about my hometown of Tulsa where I am living once again.

  • Apple iPhone? Ballmer wants to kill Google?

    Apple announced today their iTunes compatible cell phone made by Motorola and the phone debuted this weekend. While reviews are mixed, sales on the phone taking off and the commercials are rocking. Market Watch Report Apple also announced the iPod nano, the smallest and thinnest iPod to date. The size of a business card and […]

  • Help the victims

    What can you do to help the victims of Katrina? Donate blood and money at the Red Cross. Donate clothes to the Red Cross. Get your local leaders to help those that have been displaced. Support your local Red Cross. Know what you need to do in a natural disaster such as this in your […]

  • JOB, yes J-O-B!

    I start work on monday morning at 8am. I should be fun but I won’t be blogging about it here. First try and first interview…not bad. I’ll be working for a great company and I’m excited. Wish me luck everyone! And to a certain someone… if you follow your goals and dreams, they do come […]