A blonde Bond moment and Desperate Housewives to go

We have a new James Bond and he’s blonde. Read this article here,
to read about the new James Bond.

Daniel Craig, 37, is the first blond actor to play agent 007. Relatively unknown
outside Britain, he has had a busy career that includes roles in the landmark
1990s British TV drama “Our Friends in the North” and films including “The
Mother,” “Enduring Love” and “Layer Cake.”

He played Paul Newman’s sinister son in “Road to Perdition,” was poet Ted Hughes
opposite Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sylvia Plath in “Sylvia” and appeared in this year’s
thriller “The Jacket” with Adrien Brody. (ABC News)

And yesterday, Apple announced their new video ready iPods and Jobs inked a
sweet deal for Disney/ABC… So all of you Desperate Housewives fans, you can
download your episodes after you watch it at home on TV..watch it during your
lunch break on your iPod. Or it’s handy if you miss the show due to work.
Looks like Apple knew who to attract here, the female segment, some of the
hardest users in the tech industry to please and Apple has not dropped from the
top, but rocketed to the moon and beyond. Fortune has a great write up here,

Grooving the grits on my old iPod,

Matt Luria