Finals update: Tuesday…one down, 3 to go….

French exam is over as of 8:45pm on Tuesday night. The real exam was
like the practice exam, almost verbatim. My only problem was the
composition. I forgot how to write avoir in the future tense. I
finally remembered how to write it once I handed the exam to my
professor. I hate it when that happens. Well minus that I think I
probably got atleast a C, maybe B on the exam if I was lucky. My
professor knows that I’ve had a more difficult time learning French
because Spanish is the other dominant language in my head, besides
English that is. Atleast now in French I see que as que, not que as in
kay, like its pronounced in Spanish. My brain is finally starting to
seperate Spanish and French. It’s only taken two semesters of brain
racking to do that.


Matt Luria