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Tech news from the wild side:

    TechTV is back on the air…sorta. Leo Laporte explains in his blog that the old gang is doing the show again, this time using the internet to broadcast the show. Grab the podcast and have a spin.
    Darth Vader, lord of the Sith, has a blog. It’s rather tongue in cheek but the guy that made the site definitely has a sense of humor. Check out Vader’s blog here.

    Microsoft finally released its 64-bit edition of Windows XP. It only took them a year and a half to get it out the door. If you get a copy, remember, make sure you install a firewall before letting WXP connect to the internet naked.
    If you haven’t had a chance to check out maps at, see what all you can locate. Some people have turned to using to go treasure hunting. Read up on at Google’s Blog
    Do video games make people violent? I don’t think so but there are some parents who buy their teenaged sons (and some daughters) the most violent video games. When their child becomes insprired by their new game to commit a crime, those same parents who don’t watch what their kids play, blame the game. This years game thats causing contraversy is “Narc” read more here on the game. Now the game is M rated, that means its for Mature audiences, much like a rated R movie. So parents, don’t buy that game for your kid if he’s under the age of 16 atleast.
    Last but not least, Groklaw and Pamela Jones are back with her commentary of the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit. She’s also a FUD (thats Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) campaign debunker. Recently she tackled the Microsoft case studies to show just how big of a hoax and bribe the studies really are. FUD monsters beware, PJ is coming to get you.
Matt Luria