Moving Day

Well it’s Monday and I’m just about ready to move out of my apartment and head home back to Tulsa.

I got my diploma holder and I’ll be posting pictures on my photo album shortly.

Here is how this weeks schedules is looking out to be.

Monday: Finish cleaning apartment and move out. Drive back to Tulsa.
Tuesday: Pack for France and buy the iPod. Start moving songs onto the iPod.
Wednesday: Finish packing.
Thursday: I will be driving back to OKC to go see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with my girlfriend and her family.
Friday: Relax and spend time with my family before I leave.
Saturday: Drive to Dallas for my flight to France.

If you wish to leave messages of love, etc. Go to my forums, , sign up, go to the off topic area, and leave well wishes there. I will post them all before I leave for France on Saturday morning here to the blog.

Matt Luria