French Politics

And France says that the people of the US do not know how to vote properly…

Having just witnessed history in France and Europe, I have to say that I am not shocked at all by the French people in their vote against the EU constitution. Athough I had hoped that they would vote yes on an organization that they helped create, and show intelligence in their choice in voting yes. However, it seems the usual pompious French attitude still exists 60 years after D-Day.
By France closing themselves off and acting like isolationists, they will encourage further inaction when action is needed. The French would rather sit in the cafes drinking their coffees and wines, eating their cheese, than lift a finger to help a neighbor who has been attacked or even when their own country of France is possibly attacked. Many of the young people feel that since the Euro has hurt the French economy, that they must close themselves off to protect their economy by sending away competing products from other countries, namely Chinese or American goods.

France will need to become proactive if it wishes to be able to defend its economy. By using price market floors to protect French goods, they will only hurt France and its economy. France should stop play defense and play on offense if they want to promote their goods in the free market where name no longer has an issue of importance, just price and quality.

If Chirac is looking around the town squares checking for the guilletine, he should start looking at the other countries in Europe that want his head, not the French people.

Matt Luria