A typical day

I’ve decided to post what my regular day is like here so here is the rundown:

    Wake up at 8am. Shower and eat breakfast.
    Leave for class at 9am. Take small break at 11am or so.
    Class resumes at 11:30am.
    Class ends at 1:00pm. Go to cafe for lunch. Head back to the school for my afternoon lessons or use the computer lab to read my mail.
    Walk around Bordeaux in the afternoon and play “Spot the Americans.”
    Return to host family’s home to finish homework and catch the news.
    8:30pm. Eat dinner and talk with the family.
    Go to bed around 11pm.

So as you can see, I keep myself busy during the day so I’m worn out by the end of the day and have a restfull sleep.

Matt Luria

Matt Luria