Week 3 and 4 update

Well Friday, I went to Arcachon to Europe’s Largest sand dune and the Atlantic
Ocean. The view was magnificant and I have plenty of pictures but due to the
time constraints at the school, I am probably going to have to wait to upload
the panoramic pictures.

Our class also gains sized by two and a classmate that hadn’t been showing up,
finally got the clue to start coming to class.

All in all, I’ve been having fun here in Bordeaux, wishing I could blog more
about it. I’m emailing in this story since we are limited to 10 minutes of
access due to the increased number of students at the school.

I hope everyone is enjoying my blogging and as always feel free to leave a

ETA: Pictures are here.

If you wish to just access my pictures, go to https://www.mattluria.com/photos


Matt Luria