Boycott France? and a national day of celebrating music

Well, finally I’ve seen something that France has, that the US doesn’t. And
thats a national day of celebration of all kinds of music. Over 50 kinds of
music are being played throughout the city at various Places.

I know certain people, like Bill O’Reilly, of Fox Nexs fame, says Americans
should boycott French goods because he can’t find any solid evidence that
France has assisted the USA in the War on Terror. Maybe Bill should try using
Google News. I found over 20 articles, most in French, about the efforts that
France has put into place on the war on terror. Course what Bill probably
fails to realize is that most of the everyday products we all use have
something in common with France. And the starting list is this: Garnier,
Lauriel Paris, Gillette, Michelin Tires, and other products ranging from
electronics to basic hygene products. Course the other reason why most
Americans will ignore his boycott call is because Americans love French food,
culture, wine, cheese, and even its history. Not everyone has to agree with us
100% of the time or be behind the US president. I’m a Republican and I disagree
with what the president does sometimes. American society isn’t perfect nor
should it be. It’s not a utopia… if it was a utopia like Bill states it
is… we would be a either a socialist country like Canada or, heaven for bide
it, like France, even though technically, France is a Republic. Either Bill is
getting some good green in his office, or Ari Fliecher needs to knock him one
over the head as Bill has gone off the deep end.


An American Republican in France and not ashamed of it either

The Goal: To Strive, to seek, to find, and never to yield. ~~ Alfred Tennyson

Matt Luria