Microsoft and Walmart, two evil empires

Read the story from Reuters here.

My Reactions:

Microsoft hired today an executive from Walmart. The position was for COO, which is normally hired from the inside.

I dispise Microsoft because of their monopoly has crippled the software industry, namely in the operating system arena. They have prevented others from creating competition. They did the same with their web browser in the 90’s.

I dispise Walmart because they have built a SuperCenter next to the pyramids at Teotihuacan and its disrespectful to the ancient culture that once thrived there. Walmart payed the local governor to build next to the site when they could have built the center 2 miles away without impacting the site. They destroyed old foundations of temples and buildings, archealogical findings were destroyed. Now the Mexican INAH which is the National Institute of History and Archealogy is trying to bring chrages against Walmart and the governor that took the bribe. Shame on Walmart for destroying an international historic landmark.

Matt Luria