Tulsa has been Slashdotted

Well for once, my home town has done something right. Being an avid reader of Slashdot, I always head there first when I log online, not any other news site.

I’ll quote the write up and translate it for the non geeks.

Weather Service Becoming More Tech Friendly
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Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday August 19, @08:36AM
from the i-hope-your-servers-are-weatherproofed dept.
awgy writes “The National Weather Service recently began offering XML/RSS feeds of their alerts, observations, and forecasts. Now the Tulsa, OK Forecast Office is experimenting with offering forecast files for Google Earth. It looks like the National Weather Service is quickly becoming one of the most geek-friendly government agencies.”

Slashdot Article

Yeah, the Tulsa Forecast Office is working with Google by offering their weather forecast files to Google so the Google Earth program can show updated weather, up to the minute for the Tulsa area.

This has people talking about how the NWS can expand their services nationwide. One person has the idea that the NWS should offer real time radar or as close as possible so people can have radar info on their websites.

So if you have Google Earth and want to see how great technology is becoming, dowload the temperature files here.

Matt Luria