Did Lance Armstrong dope the Tour?

A French cycling and sports magazine is saying that Lance used an EPO, a form of sports enhancers that are illegal, six times during the 1999 Tour de France. Well, I’m calling the French zine on their stink. They used test results from 1999 but not 2005?? That makes sense, right folks? Even a three time winner disagrees with the report.

Raymond Poulidor, a popular French cycling hero and three-time Tour runner-up, was clear about his position: “This is ridiculous. Why not retroactively test all the way back to 1903?”

Personally I think the French are angry that he won 7 Tours and passed all of the tests. Probably jealous, like the pretty girl dumped at the prom by the prom king even though she is the prom queen.

Matt Luria