EDS says banks should increase their internet security

NEWS.COM has this article about EDS and the global leader of financial services, Jean-Louis Bravard, calling on banks to increase their online security. Now it is more critical than ever for banks to be vigilant on their security. After Katrina or any national disaster like 9/11, banking services are the most vulnerable to black hat hackers. Black hat hackers for those who don’t know, are the ones who like to wreck havoc just because they can. Black hat hackers love to attack open bank systems like a teller’s Windows computer that isn’t secured or regularly updated. Sometimes they will attack the ATM machines because the largest supplier of those systems, a company called Diebold, does not regularly secure the machines. The machines are easily hackable (read: breakable) to steal money remotely. Don’t believe me, do a google search on Diebold voting machine hacks, or ATM hacks… the results will surprise even the most hardened IT admins.

Matt Luria