Sony vs teh world

Well Sony has managed to do it again…They pissed off the world including me. For months, I was trying to figure out why my laptop computer was acting like Charles Manson in a mental hospital. After following the direction on locating the files, I found the Sony rootkit on my laptop. I have purchased a CD in over a year. So how did it get on there? I listened to several soundtracks on my laptop that I had borrowed from friends.

    However not once did it prompt me with the EULA.

Well removing the rootkit not only deleted my CDrom from Windows but a critical piece of software that I use to repair my mp3s that I have of my CD collection. That rootkit also disabled iTunes. So from now on, I will no longer buy any music or DVD’s from Sony. No PS3, no superb Sony laptop. Nada. Zero. Zip. Ziltch.

Oh and Sony, expect a letter from me very shortly. I don’t like it when a company destroys my computer, let alone takes control of my personal computer from me just because you think I might decide to rip your cds to my computer for my own usage.

Matt Luria